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Frequently Asked Questions



How does Givenik work?

Start at our home page and choose a charity you'd like to support. Feel free to click and learn about each one if you don't already have one in mind! Then browse our available shows and select the one you'd like to see. We offer a variety of shows, both Broadway and Off-Broadway, and we sell individual tickets, premium seats and groups. We then donate 5% of the cost of your tickets to whichever charity you chose.

Do I need to sign up to browse your offers or learn about charities?

Nope! Feel free to browse our site however you like. Before you make your purchase, we ask for your name and e-mail address. This will help us remember which charity you support for your next visit to the site, as well as allow us to share special news and offers with you via e-mail.

Do I have to select a charity every time I make a purchase?

No - just once! After you give us your email at your first purchase, we will remember who you supported, so you can quickly support them again. You're also more than welcome to change the charity you support whenever you'd like, too.

How is my contact information used?

Your information is never shared with anyone else, and will only be used to send you periodic Givenik updates and news.

What if I don't want to receive e-mails?

On the "Confirmation Page" where you enter your e-mail address, simply uncheck the box labeled "Please keep me informed with offers and the latest news from Givenik!"

What do I do if I have a problem using Givenik?

Please e-mail us at and we'll be happy to help!


I’m an administrator of my charity and we want to join! How can we sign up?

Simply click the 'Add My Charity' tab at the top of the Home Page and fill out the short info form. We'll be in touch to verify your tax exempt status and provide you with more details.

Does my charity have to pay any fees to be part of Givenik?

Nope - it's totally free for a charity to be part of Givenik! The only thing we ask is that they help spread the word, so that their supporters will know that they can come to Broadway and support their charity through Givenik.

I'm a supporter of a charity and want them to join Givenik! How can I help them sign up?

E-mail and tell us your name, your affiliation, and who we can contact at your charity. We'll follow up with them ASAP to share information and get them on board!

How do I know my charity is benefiting from my ticket purchase?

By providing us with your email when you make your purchase, we can track them and credit them properly.

What percentage of my ticket purchase goes to my charity?

5% of every ticket you purchase through Givenik goes to your charity.

How can I help spread the word about Givenik to my friends and family so they can support, too?

Click the 'Tell A Friend About Givenik' box on the home page and fill out the information that comes up. We'll email your friend with all the details on how they can join in supporting the causes you care about on Givenik!


How is my order processed when I purchase my tickets?

Givenik provides you with special ticket offers and allows your purchase to support your charity, but the actual purchase of the ticket goes through the Ticketing Agency for the show - either or Givenik and these ticketing agencies have integrated our technology in order to make sure your purchase is credited to your charity.

Can I go directly to the Telecharge or Ticketmaster website?

In order to ensure your purchase supports your charity, you have to place your order by clicking through the web site.

Can I buy tickets over the phone or through the theatre’s box office?

Givenik is exclusively an online program. Rest assured, online purchases are entirely secure. To read the privacy policies of our ticketing partners, please click here for or here for

Can I search for other tickets once I get to the Telecharge or Ticketmaster website?

No, as if you do, your purchase won't be recorded as coming from Givenik and your charity won't benefit from the 5%. If you want to browse a new offer, please come back to the Givenik site and click through again.

What are the Telecharge and Ticketmaster service charges and why are they charged?

Service charges cover convenience and handling fees, as well as select mailing options, and genrally are in the range of $6.50 - $8.50 per ticket, depending which system you're using. Additional mailing fees may be incurred depending on what shipping option you use.

What are premium tickets?

Premium tickets are some of the best seats in the theatre and are often available after other tickets are sold out. You’ll pay more, but you’ll get great seats and often at the last minute!

Why can I buy individual tickets and group tickets to some shows, but only group tickets to other shows?

Each show selects what offers to make available to us at a given time. Many shows that only offer Group Rates may add an individual ticket offer soon, so keep checking - our site is updated frequently with the latest offers!

How can I get a seating map for the venue?

The Ticketing Agency offers seating maps for many venues. After clicking Get Tickets on Givenik, you will be redirected to the Ticketing Agency’s website to purchase your tickets. On that site, click View Seating Chart.

Can I use two different credit cards on my order?

Telecharge and Ticketmaster cannot separate one ticket order into multiple payment methods. If you would like to pay with two different credit cards, please place two orders.

Can I have my tickets sent to an address other than my billing address?

Telecharge and Ticketmaster can only mail tickets to your billing address. If you don't want them sent there, we recommend having the tickets held at the box office, where they can be picked up any time, including when you arrive at the theatre for the performance.

I ordered tickets but have not received them. What should I do?

It can take up to ten days for the US Postal service to deliver tickets, so please be patient. Incorrect billing or shipping information can sometimes slow down the ticket processing and delivery. In addition, please look back to the confirmation email sent to you by Telecharge, which will tell you the delivery option that you chose when you ordered your tickets. You may have requested that your tickets be held at the box office for pick up the date of the performance. If you think your tickets may have gotten lost, please call customer service at (212) 239-2969 (in NY) or (888) 268-2020 (outside NY).

I requested my tickets for “Box Office Hold” delivery. How do I get them?

Simply arrive at the box office with a Photo ID and, if possible, the credit card you used to purchase the tickets. Some box offices can have very long lines just prior to curtain, so try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to showtime to ensure you're seated before it starts.

How can I cancel my ticket order?

If you have already completed your order, then it cannot be canceled - tickets are a final sale and are not refundable or exchangeable. If you have not entered payment information, you can stop your order at any time and start over.

What do I do if there is a problem with Telecharge or Ticketmaster?

If you are having a problem using, or just need some information not provided online, please contact the Telecharge customer service department at or by phone at (212) 239-2969 (in NY) or (888) 268-2020 (outside NY). If you need assistance with Ticketmaster, please click here for their Customer Service page or call 212-307-7171.


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